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Why the West Coast is ripe for a series of gasoline refinery disasters, glitches, or hiccoughs

At this time, California refineries are operating at about 89% capacity, up
from about 84% last year, according to OPIS, the Oil Price Information 

Could driving rain drive down gas prices?

In the last 21-days, the spot market price for surplus gasoline
has increased by 25¢ ... more than a penny a day, constituting a 
major move.

Four reasons California gasoline prices are going to increase soon.

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In the next few days, Southern California gas prices at a handful of 
gas stations might drop a penny or two due to wholesale price fluctations,

Refined gasoline supplies are at five month high, and prices could go up.

 Gasoline supplies are up . So are wholesale gas prices.

Gasoline prices should continue to weaken through Monday

At this time, the spot market for gas prices are "backwardated" 
or in lay terms, "bassackwards."  Backwardation occurs when 
the current price of spot fuel (currently at $2.73 a gallon) 
costs less than the expected futures price. 
Why traders are expecting a higher futures price in November and
December doesn't make much sense.

Expect a pounding at the pump from September 12 through September 16

Gas prices will increase from 3 to 15¢ a gallon by Monday, and
it has nothing to do with Syria and a LOT to do with the fact that
almost 1/3 of California's refining capacity has been shut off.

Analysts like cause and effect, and when they don't know WHY
prices are going up they always reach for the latest current
event to explain the situation. If you hear analysts blaming
Syria for our high gas prices in the next few days, don't
believe a word they say. There is no correlation. Syria does
not supply California with any gasoline.

Gasoline demand at 5-year low

This morning the average price of gasoline in Southern California dropped below $4 a gallon for the first time since mid-June, and I predict that prices will drop another two to five cents by Thursday, August 8, when I do my next prediction.

Oil prices are going up, but retail gas prices should drop slightly by Thursday.

Oil prices are climbing:  On Friday, West Texas Intermediary
(WTI) was selling on the NYMEX for $108 a barrel -- just pennies
away from the cost of Brent crude. This morning, both Brent and
WTI opened in the $107 a barrel range, with WTI costing just 44¢
less per bbl than Brent at 107.31 a barrel. This trend has had an
impact on California gasoline refining operations.  For the last two
and a half years, Brent has usually sold for ten to twenty dollars
a barrel more than WTI, which has been devalued on the global

New California gas tax arrives with a whimper, not a bang for July 4 Holiday

On June 20, I accurately predicted a major price spike despite an abundance
of surplus fuel.

In the days that followed, retail prices surged above $4 a gallon to $4.11, and
wholesale prices increased by as much as 64¢ a gallon to some independent gasoline
retailers.  Now, I am predicting that prices will drop, or increase only a penny or two
going into the July 4 Holiday, despite a State-mandated increase of 3.5¢ in your gas

A possible record-breaking price surge for Southern California gasoline is underway.

We are predicting that gas prices will surge from 5¢ to 17¢ a gallon by
Monday morning, June 24.


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