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Forget about “Groundhog Day,” in San Diego, Feb 2 is “Oil Hog Day”

Since 2005, the Big Oil Hog has had a 100% record of accuracy in predicting major movements in oil and gas prices, including the skyrocketing prices of $4.60 a gallon in 2008, and the complete collapse of gasoline prices before the 2006 mid-term elections. 

WHO:     The Gigantic 7” tall 500 LB Big Oil Hog, representing the
                California Oil Industry.  Oil analysts from UCAN will be available
                to interpret the Big Oil Hog’s histrionics.

WHAT:    If the Oil Hog sees his shadow, it could mean six more months
                of pain at the pumps.

WHERE:    Hogger’s Knob at At On the Go Gas  at 500 N 2nd Street, El Cajon, CA
                 92021   Directions: Take Highway 8 East to the Second Street Exit in
                 El Cajon.  Go right on Second Street.  Station is two blocks down on the
                  right. Abundant parking on the West side of the station.

WHEN:   At precisely 11:07 AM, the Prescient Porker will be called forth from
                his corporate lair.

WHY:     2010 was the first year in California history that gasoline cost more than $3 a
                gallon on January 1st.  Often, the cost of gasoline on New year’s Day is
                the lowest price of the entire year.  Gasoline is a significant contributor to
                inflation, and one of the largest household expenses for working people and
                businesses in Southern California.


For background or an interview, contact Charles Langley (619) 696-6966 ext. 656